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The amalian product line offers two different monophasic, low cross-linked fillers: the amalian "SF" products and the amalian "LT" products. The amalian Soft Filler product line "SF" is characterized by a soft, fully hydrated texture, which can be injected easily and without resistance. The gel distributes quickly and evenly in the injected area and immediately produces a visible volume effect. Due to a special manufacturing method, the insoluble particles originating from cross-linking of the linear hyaluronic acid chains are fully hydrated, so that every single particle is surrounded by a stable aqueous shell. These soft particles thus do not absorb any water from the tissue after injection, so that no swelling takes place. The intended volumizing effect happens immediately due to the space-occupying characteristics of the gel. The amalian PRODUCT PORTFOLIO monophasic "SF" • monophasic "LT" • biphasic "expert" On the other hand, the soft particles are ideally prepared for the enzymatic degradation through hyaluronidases, thus shortening the duration of these gels due to this physiological degradation. Four different concentrations offer the options of mild augmentation in fine wrinkles up to strong volume buildup, e.g. in the cheek area to achieve an optimal result.

Depending on the concentration the effect of the amalian SF products lasts up to 6 months. amalian Soft Fillers offer a quick, uncomplicated wrinkle treatment, which is normally free from side effects.

AMALIAN® SF 24 advanced

soft cross-linked hyaluronic acid 24 mg/ml

Amalian SF 24 advanced is a monophasic fully hydrated filler and an efficient volumizer with excellent biocompatibility. amalian SF 24 advanced is optimally suited for filling deep wrinkles, for scars correction and modeling facial contours. Skin unevenness (such as acne scars) are smoothed, nasolabial and marionette folds are visibly lifted. This filler is also highly suitable for long-lasting hand rejuvenation, which is best performed using a blunt cannula. It is also recommended to use a blunt cannula for cheek augmentation. amalian SF 24 advanced is injected into the middle to deep dermis.

An efficient volumizer with excellent compatibility. It is optimally suited for the filling of medium to deep wrinkles, folds as well as for scar correction and modeling of the facial contours.

Indications: Medium to very deep wrinkles, correction of facial imperfections, develop- ments of facial defects, stronger scars, nose corrections, cheek augmentation and marionette/nasolabial wrinkles.


Subcutaneous, on the periosteum 1ml

The AMALIAN Soft Filler product line "SF" is characterized by a soft, fully hydrated texture that can be injected easily and without resistance. The gel spreads quickly and evenly in the injected area and immediately creates a visible volume effect using lidocaine.

Indications: Replace deeper augmentations, volume loss, periosteal augmentation

AMALIAN® SF 16 fine

soft cross-linked hyaluronic acid 16 mg/ml

This gentle hyaluronic acid filler for mild augmentation is ideal for fine wrinkles, vermillion border, forehead lines, crows feet, fine nasolabial and marionette lines. This fully hydrated gel distributes evenly in the tissue, can be easily and gently injected and results in a fresh, young and natural look. Like all SF products, amalian SF 16 fine is very well tolerated, and side effects such as swelling can be nearly excluded. The injection should be made into the upper to middle dermis. Amalian SF 16 fine is also ideal for a touch-up treatment after injection with the stronger product amalian SF 24 advanced. This method reinforces the volumizing effect and the longevity in the skin is prolonged.

It’s designed for a fresh, young and natural look. It is also suited for a touch-up treatment after injection with the stronger products such as amalian SF 24 advanced.

Indications: Fine lines & wrinkles, glabella, laugh lines, forehead lines, easy nasolabial & marionette lines, vermillion border, augmentation of the hands.

AMALIAN® SF 20 medium

soft cross-linked hyaluronic acid 20 mg/ml

This hyaluronic acid gel is an "all-round" filler for injection into medium wrinkles. It should be injected into the upper to middle dermis. Due to the excellent flow characteristics of the gel, injections with amalian SF 20 medium are very gentle and atraumatic. The result is a natural lifting effect that lasts up to 6 months. This fully hydrated gel is suitable for almost every application, except for the glabella. Due to the soft texture, the gel is distributed homogeneously in the skin and fills wrinkles evenly, creating an immediate effect. amalian SF 20 medium can be used very successfully for moderate lip augmentation. This Soft Filler can also be used for touch-up after injection of amalian SF 24 advanced to optimize the result.

Due to its excellent flow characteristics, treatment with amalian SF 20 Medium is very gentle and atraumatic.

This hyaluronic acid gel is an "allround" filler for correction of medium - deep wrinkles and folds.

Indications: Nasolabial folds, marionette lines, light scars, increased perioral wrinkles, neck wrinkles, décolleté.