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The amalian product line offers two different monophasic, low cross-linked fillers: the amalian “SF” products and the amalian “LT” products. The amalian Soft Filler product line “SF” is characterized by a soft, fully hydrated texture, which can be injected easily and without resistance. The gel distributes quickly and evenly in the injected area and immediately produces a visible volume effect. Due to a special manufacturing method, the insoluble particles originating from cross-linking of the linear hyaluronic acid chains are fully hydrated, so that every single particle is surrounded by a stable aqueous shell. These soft particles thus do not absorb any water from the tissue after injection, so that no swelling takes place. The intended…

Discover Monophasic


The monophasic hyaluronic acid fillers of the “LT” series are homogenous dispersions of low crosslinked hyaluronic acid in buffer solution. Four different concentrations allow for specific treatments with very good aesthetic results.

Due to the special manufacturing technology the insoluble hyaluronic acid particles distribute homogeneously in the buffer solution to obtain a clear soft gel, which is easy to inject. The two monophasic fillers, amalian I LT active 16 mg and amalian II LT intense 24 mg are perfectly suited for medium to deep wrinkles. They are also suitable for mild to stronger lip augmentation and treatment of the vermillion border. amalian LT smoothline…

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We offer an expert product line for more experienced practitioners. amalian I expert premium 8,4 mg amalian II expert effect 24 mg amalian III expert volume 24 mg These biphasic hyaluronic acid fillers consist of crosslinked hyaluronic acid particles in a gel of linear hyaluronic acid. The main benefit of these gels is the greater duration of the effect. The company offers training for the use of the amalian expert fillers. Patients should be informed about what to expect with the expert range, particularly regarding the potentially more pronounced swelling during the first three days. The amalian expert products are perfectly suited for scar treatment and facial…



AMALIAN Balance contains linear hyaluronic acid, similar to the natural hyaluronic acid, for bio revitalization and mesotherapy. Superficial injection allows more moisture to be retained, the skin´s freshness and firmness are improved and fine wrinkles are smoothed out. AMALIAN Balance is recommended for touch up treatments.



Highly effective formulation of natural active agents from Asian botanical extracts. Has an anti-inflammatory effect, cools irritated skin, reduces swelling and redness. Also ideal after sunbathing.


Soak the mask in amalian® High Potency Cooling Fluid and place it on your face. When folded, the mask can also be used on the neck.